Curam Thiriodh

Healthy Living Initiative

Cùram Thiriodh works in conjunction with local medical, social and wellbeing services. 

Tiree Healthy Living Initiative is a new project.  It has been set up by two GP partners in the Medical Practice on the Isle of Tiree and Cùram Thiriodh have agreed to act as an umbrella organisation under which the initiative will operate. The day to day organisation of the initiative will be carried out by Dr McIver and Dr Kerr of Tiree Medical Practice. 

Its purpose is to help Tiree residents with Type 2 Diabetes or at risk of developing the condition due to obesity.  They will be supported in making lifestyle changes to control this chronic condition, reduce the risk of long term complications and improve the quality of their lives.

Our central activity will be the provision of small group based physical activity for our target patients.  Support will be in the form of an initial 1:1 assessment, followed by a twice per week small group class with a maximum of 6 peers.  Once per month, there will be a 1:1 'how’s it going session' for each participant.

We plan to run the programme for one year initially.  The course of activity will last for 6 months per group, with the opportunity to complete a second 6 months, depending on how things have gone.  Participants feeling confident to independently continue physical activity at the end of 6 months will be encouraged to do so, others will be able to continue for a further 6 months.